Best Budget Security Camera System with Buyers Guide in 2019

​Home security solution is not something that can be treated with levity. One sure automated way of having home security is through the use of security cameras. Here are best budget security camera system for home security.

Setting up a home security system is longer for the rich. You can have good home security surveillance without draining your pockets.


​If you want the best budget security camera system, this article is meant for you. Come on, as we break it down. Here are the ones you can choose from.

Product                          Name                                           Detail

 Work with Alexa

Best dome security camera

Ar​loPro 2​​​

  • ​Cloud Storage
  • 2-Way Audio
  • WeatherProof

 Cloud Storage

Best dome security camera

​   Nest Security ​Camera

  • ​1080p Full HD
  • ​Smart Sencer
  • Night Vision

 2-Way Audio

Best dome security camera

Amcrest ​Pro HD

  • ​Best Budget
  • Pan/tilt Remote
  • Local Storage

 Weather Proof

Best dome security camera

​Arlo Pro

  • ​100% Wire-free
  • Top-notch Video
  • Sound detection

 Live Streaming

Best dome security camera

​  Amazon ​Cloud ​Cam

  • ​Motion and sound Alert
  • ​Two-Way Audio

 Installation Kits

Best dome security camera

​ ​Nest  Cam

  • ​Stunning  Vedio Quality
  • ​Activity Zones

 Night Vision

Best dome security camera

​Kamtron Wireless 

​Security Camera

  • Multiple  Viewing Devices​
  • Motion Detection

 Weather Proof

Kamtron Wireless

​Security IP Camera

  • ​Device Compatibility
  • 720p HD Vedio


Arlo Pro

  • ​Wire-Free installation
  • Night Vision

 Works with Alexa

Wyze Cam 

1080p HD

  • ​Magnetic Base
  • CMOS Censors
  • Alexa Device

1. Arlo Pro 2 Camera​​​​​

Arlo Pro 2 is a solid camera that is well suited for your home security. This camera can serve both indoor and outdoor purposes effectively.

 It relays videos in full HD. With Night Vision technology, Arlo Pro 2 renders crystal-clear videos at night or even in darkness.

Best budgut security camera system

This is another ​best ​budget security camera system for adequate home security and surveillance.

It has motion and sound alert which means you would never miss anything. Notifications are sent to your phone once motion or sound is detected.

 When it comes to video storage, you are well covered with the 7 days of free cloud storage. Cloud storage ensures that you can have your videos safe and secure. Cloud storage also means you can access your videos from anywhere. Let’s see the cool features of Arlo Pro 2.


• Powered by batteries – The Arlo Pro 2 camera is powered by four rechargeable batteries per camera. You can also use the power outlet. Using rechargeable batteries is a better option in an area where grid electricity is not consistent.

• Weatherproof – The camera is rugged enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether under the rains or under a scorching sun, the Arlo Pro 2 keeps securing your home all seasons.

•  Activity areas – It can be annoying when you are sent motion and sound alerts regularly. With Arlo Pro 2, you can select the most important activity areas that need motion and sound alerts. You can decide to set your bedroom, sitting room, front door and back door areas as your activity areas and get notifications on the selected areas.

• Cloud storage – This is a fantastic feature that helps you to record and store your videos on the Cloud. There is 7-day free storage on the Cloud. This means video files are safe and can be easily accessed remotely. With cloud storage, there are no fears of lost or corrupted files.

• 2-way audio – You now have the power to talk back with the 2-way radio feature. This feature makes you hear the conversations of people in your home and you can respond in real-time. You can have a conversation with your wife, husband or kids when you are at work.

• 1080p HD with Motion Detection – With 1080p full HD resolution, every video recorded will be presented sharp and clear. The intelligent sensors are sensitive enough to detect motion or sound instantaneously. With Motion Detection, no motion or sound can go without being detected.

• Night Vision – Night Vision is a powerful technology that ensures that all events recorded at night are crystal-clear. Even in darkness, you can pick the faces of the intruders with Night Vision.

• Siren – You can activate a siren and it will be triggered immediately motion is detected within the activity areas. The siren can be controlled remotely.  


  • Ease of setup – The setup is easy and can be done within 30 minutes for DIY.
  • Cloud storage – Cloud storage is the best thing that has happened to the storage of files. The Cloud is far better and safer than local storage using a USB drive. Though cloud storage may cost you subscription fees, it is far more reliable and dependable.
  • Weatherproof – Arlo Pro 2 is not affected by the weather because the camera is strong and can resist bad weather conditions. The camera can’t be damaged by the weather
  • Full 1080p HD and Night Vision – With 1080p full HD, there are no blurry pictures even if the recording is made in full darkness. Night Vision helps all video to be vivid no matter the time of the recording.
  • Easy camera positioning – The fact that the camera is wireless, helps you to point it to the direction that suits you best. The camera comes with kits for quick and easy installation without wall drilling or messy wiring.
  • ​Intelligent siren – You can have intelligent siren activated. The siren sets off when motion or sound is detected and notifications are sent to your mobile phone immediately.


  • Recording delays – There is recording delay with the Arlo Pro 2. Recording starts after some seconds. The delay means that the very start of the event will be missed.
  • White camera – Because the camera is made in white colour means it would attract stains so easily. White is just too conspicuous making the camera to get noticed easily. This means the camera can’t be discreet.
  • Weak batteries – The batteries get weak pretty quickly. This calls for consistent recharging since the batteries usually get drained too frequently
  • Recording restrictions – There is a start and end duration for your video recordings. The recordings are done within this set time. If you choose to record for 6 hours, you have to set the time frame. The recording won’t go beyond the time that was set.

If you desire complete home security, you have to look the way of Nest Security Camera. It is another ​best ​budget security camera system. Its ease of setup stands it out from the crowd.

With excellent features such as the 2-way audio that enables you to speak and be heard, you are sure that communication would be smooth with clear audio.

Best budgut security camera system

The 2-way audio is made possible by in-built speaker and microphone.

With the intelligent Nest Security app, you can constantly watch happenings in your home from the mobile phone.

 No headaches when it comes to storage because cloud storage is available at your beck and call. No more unclear recording at night with Night Vision technology which makes all video recording so clear even in darkness. It makes sense to live smart with Nest Security Camera.


  1080p full HD recordings – With 1080p full HD, your video recordings will be super sharp, clean and clear. HD means vibrant pictures and stunning video.

•  Cloud storage – Cloud storage is a guarantee that your videos files will be safe all the time. It means you can fetch your video files at any time no matter the location. Cloud storage is a smart way to save files. It cannot be compared with local storage.

•  Easy setup – The Nest Security Camera comes with the ease of setup. The setup is running in no time. It is perfect for DIY.•    Night Vision – Night Vision makes all recorded videos at night look brilliant. With Night Vision, there are no dull videos.

• Smart mobile app – Be in charge with the mobile app. With the smart app, you can do anything remotely.


  • Night Vision – Night Vision makes night recordings look superb. Night Vision gives you everything in glowing pictures.
  • Smart app – Installing the mobile app means absolute convenience. The mobile app gives you the power to access your activity areas from anywhere. This is peace of mind.
  • Smart sensor – The Nest Security Camera comes with smart sensors that detect motion and sound. The sensor is so sensitive that it touches off an alarm any moment there is motion or sound detection.
  • Stress-free installation – The camera installation is stress-free. It is well simplified even for DIY. Everything can be done in less than 30 minutes.


  • Expensive subscription – Subscribing to Nest Aware makes everything expensive. Nest Aware is a monthly subscription that gives you unfettered access to premium features like unlimited cloud storage for 30 days. Not subscribing to Nest Aware limits you to some basic features
  • Works with Alexa device – Having audio control is not possible except you to have an Alexa device. This increases the cost of having a budget home security system
  • No batteries – The camera works without batteries.

Amcrest Pro HD Camera has great features just like the other ​best ​budget security camera system. The camera can be panned or tilted in any vantage position. To pan/tilt the camera is so easy and convenient.

Best budgut security camera system

You can pan/tilt remotely with the mobile app. It means you don’t have to physically pan/tilt the camera where it is mounted. This is a wonderful advancement. The camera is 1080p full HD. 1080p HD delivers superior video quality no matter the time the video was recorded.


• Pan/tilt – Pan/tilt is a cool feature that you can’t find in many ​best ​budget security camera system. The fact that you can pan/tilt remotely if you install the Amcrest ProHD camera makes it a lot more fantastic. Isn’t it amazing that you can travel out of town or out of the country and still be able to pan/tilt your camera from any location? This is a top feature of the Amcrest ProHD camera.

•  2-way audio – This is a common feature. The 2-way audio feature makes it possible to communicate effectively through the mobile app. This is because the camera is equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone. With 2-way audio, you can listen and hear what someone is saying and you can also talk back and be heard by the other person.

•  Night Vision – Night Vision is a brilliant technology that takes care of night recordings. Night Vision makes night recordings look clear. Night Vision ensures there are no blurred images.

•  Three ways of local storage – There are three ways to store your videos locally. You can use the USB drive, store directly on your computer or on the NVR. This makes local storage super easy and convenient.       


  • Intelligent motion detector – The motion detector is intelligent enough to trigger alarm immediately motion is detected.
  • Cloud recording – You can record and store directly on the cloud.
  • Powerful image quality – The image quality is super sharp with 1080p HD.


  • Alexa device - Alexa device is an extra cost.
  • High cost of cloud service – The cost of cloud service is high and very prohibitive to majority of the users.

This is a 100% wire-free camera which helps to make installation stress-free and also best ​budget security camera system . As usual, Arlo Pro camera can be powered by four batteries per camera.

The use of batteries makes sense and an alternative to public electricity. It is well suited for indoor and outdoor objectives.

Best budgut security camera system

1080p full HD makes a lot of sense because it delivers videos in clear and brilliant colours. You can talk at any time with the 2-way audio feature.

Night Vision helps visibility when any event is recorded at night. The intelligent app puts the power of control in your hand. You can use your mobile phone to watch and control whatever is happening within the activity areas from anywhere with the app.


•  Hassle-free installation – Wireless camera is hassle-free in terms of installation. The fact that there are no nasty wiring makes installation simple and easy

  Storage – The camera makes local storage possible and convenient. You can store your recorded videos on a USB drive or hard drive.

• Batteries – The use of batteries to power a camera is a sensible alternative. Powering the camera with batteries make installation less tasking

• Weatherproof – There are no weather concerns with cameras that are installed outdoor. The camera keeps functioning effectively no matter the season. Once the issue of harsh weather condition is taken care of, it means the camera will be durable

•  Top-notch video quality – The video quality of the Arlo Pro is top-notch because the videos are recorded in 1080p full HD. 1080p full HD presents videos in a sharp and colourful manner.

• Cloud storage – Storing your videos on the Cloud is storage efficiency. With cloud storage, there is no fear of losing your video files. Cloud storage is comfort plus safety altogether. It is a better alternative to local storage. Clouding also guarantees accessibility anytime and anywhere

•  Motion and sound detection – Once motion and sound are detected, an alarm sets off and notifications are sent to your mobile phone informing you of the activity. This is made possible by the responsive sensors fitted on the camera. All of these can be watched on the phone when you are live-streaming.


  • Weatherproof – The outdoor installation of Arlo Pro is not hampered by bad weather. The camera is completely weatherproof all seasons.
  • Cloud storage – Cloud storage is no doubt a huge advantage when it comes to the safety and accessibility of files. With cloud storage, you can go to bed. No file loses, no file corruption, no headache
  • Night Vision – Night Vision is the joy of recording videos at night. With Night Vision, you rest assured there is no bad video quality. The recordings come crystal-clear and immersing.
  • Ease of setup – Setup is convenient and easy. Wireless installation is usually stress-free. Even with DIY, setup is done is less than 30 minutes because the installation guide is explicit.
  • Use of batteries – The use of batteries helps installation to be up and running within a short period. In remote areas where there is no electricity like on a farm, batteries become the cheaper alternative.


  • Mobile app issues – There are times the mobile app will freeze or hang. The solution at this point is to restart the mobile phone. This can be frequent and annoying.
  • Battery problems – The issue of poor battery life is something to contend with. Batteries go dead regularly. Replacing dead batteries become an expensive burden.
  • Use of Arlo Solar – Solar no doubt is one of the best alternatives to having your cameras powered regularly. The problem here is that using Arlo Solar makes everything super expensive to implement
  • Cloud subscription – Subscribing to cloud services is another expensive angle to it. This is not sustainable for many people. Monthly subscription will eventually become burdensome
  • Motion alert – It can be so annoying when you begin to get motion alert even for the leaves that drop from the trees.

This Amazon Cloud Cam Security is a cool home security option when you are looking at the ​best ​budget security camera system.Its mobile app is simply light and intuitive.The app gives you the advantage of viewing all camera angles conveniently.

Best budgut security camera system

The Amazon Cloud Cam Security app can be used remotely to watch the live streaming of your home and other activity areas.It supports the use of Alexa device if require voice control.

 When there is motion or sound detection, a motion or sound alert is sent to your phone to let know of the latest development. This puts you in charge 24/7.


•   Free cloud storage – Having 30-day free cloud storage is an important feature on the Amazon Cloud Cam Security. This means you can store and access your video files from your comfort zone

•   Live streaming – Live streaming allows you to watch everything real-time. With live streaming, you don’t miss a thing. Live streaming means even if you are away, you still feel like you are at home because you are still in control remotely.

•  Night Vision – Night Vision coupled with 1080p HD resolution provides clear videos even when recorded in darkness. Night Vision means light over darkness. Darkness has been eliminated completely with the power of Night Vision that is made possible by the infrared lens on the camera

•  2-way audio – 2-way audio means 2-way communication. The ability to talk back is the interesting part of the 2-way audio. Talk back to people at home and also hear them speak. You can shout at a burglar or a thief remotely and he runs away thinking there is a ghost in the house

•  Easy setup – This is a plug and play installation. No worries about running wires all around the walls. Setup requires no stress.

•  Alexa device compatibility – The use of an Alexa device is for audio control.

•  Smooth software updates – The software runs smoothly with automatic updates making everything work smoothly.


  • Smart app – Using a smart app makes you smarter because you are in total control of the security of your home. Monitor every event with ease from any location.
  • Motion and sound alert – Motion and sound alert keep you updated with goings-on. You will never miss any moment when you activate the motion and sound alert.
  • No batteries – The camera does not run on batteries. This means it will be expensive to install such a camera in a rural area where there is no electricity. It solar would be the major source of power which will make the project so exorbitant to implementt
  • Smart app – You are in control with the smart app. Access your home remotely with the smart app in order to make sure that everything is in order. You can never be caught unawares with the Amazon Cloud Cam Security app. With the app, your security consciousness has been raised to a whole new level.
  • Local storage – Video recorded files can be stored on USB drives or on a secured external server 
  • Night Vision – Night Vision is the power of visibility in darkness. With Night Vision, all videos recorded at night won’t look dark. Night Vision helps videos to be delivered sharp no matter how dark the night is.


  • Expensive subscription – Monthly subscription is expensive. This can be discouraging for many people. The upward review of monthly subscription can be done with short notice..
  • Service restrictions – There are services that require a subscription. If you are unable to pay for your monthly subscription, you are cut off from accessing important features that add a lot of value to your home security system​.
  • Freezing app – The mobile app may freeze or fail from time to time.
  • Privacy issues – The storage of videos on an external server can raise privacy issues because you are not in control of what is stored on an external server. People can get hold of your private videos and try to blackmail you with the videos

Home security is simplified with Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. Its ease of set up stands it out. This is a superior camera that is durable and functions effectively. It delivers pure and clean pictures with its 1080p HD resolution.

Best budgut security camera system

It also comes with the 2-way audio feature that allows you to listen and be heard. With Night Vision, video quality remains clean and vivid not minding the time of the night the video was recorded.

Its motion and sound detection are made possible by sensitive sensors that trigger an alarm when sound or motion is detected and an alert is sent to your phone notifying you of the event. No doubt, the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is another ​best ​budget security camera system amongst equals.


•  Easy installation – The camera is easy to install. It doesn’t take much time to get the camera installed. The installation kits come with it in order to make installation stress-free.

•  Stunning video quality – The video quality is awesome because the recordings are done in 1080p full HD. The result is nothing less than stunning video.

•  Effective motion detection – No event goes unnoticed. The sensors are always active. It detects motion or sound any time it occurs. Your activity areas are safe with effective motion and sound detection that sends notifications to you.

•  Cloud storage – Storing your videos on a cloud means absolute security. Cloud storage ensures your files are safe and you can fetch them from any location. With cloud storage, the fear of losing a video file is not entertained. The fear of having your files corrupted by a virus never happens. It is a far better option than using a local form of storage using a USB drive. Cloud storage means protection and easy accessibility. It’s complete freedom

•  1080p HD resolution – 1080p HD resolution means sharp and clear videos always. This means every recorded or streamed videos will be delivered in full HD. No blurry videos with 1080p HD resolution. You will be immersed with watching videos with captivating quality.

•  Installation kits – You get complete installation kits when you purchase the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. Installation kits mean you won’t spend extra on kits. It means quicker setup too.

•  Nest Aware subscription – When you subscribe for Nest Aware, you are guaranteed to have unlimited video recording for 30 days. Nest Aware means having unfettered access to premium services that help to enhance your home security. It also gives you access to 24 hours of video streaming.

•  Weatherproof – Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is completely weatherproof. It keeps performing under very harsh weather. Weather can’t make the camera to freeze or damage. Sun or rain, no problem. The durability of the camera is not in question since it is weather-resistant.


  • Superb video quality – Superb video quality is definitely what to expect with Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. This is made possible by 1080p full HD camera. No more bad videos with HD. All you get is bright and vivid pictures all the time. Full HD marks the end of dull videos.
  • Active motion detection - Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera detects motion and sound. The smart sensor is so sensitive that it is able to detect motion or sound immediately.
  • Activity zones – Subscription gives you full access to the activity zones. This helps you to be in control of events within the activity zones
  • Easy installation – The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is simple and easy to install. There is no complication when installing the camera. You can install it by yourself following the step-by-step installation guide.
  • Cloud storage – This is a great choice for video storage. Your video files are always safe and secure with cloud storage. Your video files can get corrupted when stored on a USB drive. Such does not happen with cloud storage. Cloud storage means your videos would always be available and accessible all the time


  • Service Restrictions – There are restrictions in some areas. For instance, you can't access activity areas if you fail to subscribe.
  • High subscription fee – The subscription fee is high and prohibitive and can't be afforded by many users
  • Freezing app – The mobile app may freeze or fail from time to time.

If you are looking for a camera that is best ​budget security camera system and easy to set up, the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is well recommended. It also falls into the ​best ​budget security camera system. This is a completely wireless camera.

Best budgut security camera system

Wireless cameras are well suited for home security solutions. This is a rugged and durable camera that works effectually under any weather condition.

Being weatherproof gives you the assurance that the KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera is tough and sturdy. ​This camera comes with great features that make it suitable for home security.

Watch, what is happening in your home from any location with the mobile app and experience what it means to have peace of mind. Live viewing has compatibility with different devices. So, you are not restricted to mobile viewing alone.

 With the pan/tilt/zoom feature, it is super easy for you to adjust the camera without being physically present. This is done with the help of the mobile app. Get alert each time motion or sound is detected. You can never miss anything with motion and sound alert. This is a guarantee for 24/7 security for you and your loved one


•    2-way audio – What will you do with a camera without a 2-way audio feature? It is meaningless. The KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera comes with a 2-way audio feature that makes you listen to the conversation that is going on within your activity areas. It also gives you the power to talk back or respond. So, you can speak with your kid or wife and get an instant reply. You can shout “get out thief!” when a thief gains entrance into your home. This can be done remotely. This is the power of 2-way audio. The feature is so fantastic.

•     Multiple viewing devices – Another key feature of the camera is that you are capable of viewing happening from multiple devices. The camera is compatible with any device. You can view from a mobile phone, tab, laptop or desktop.

•    Smart app – The camera has a smart app that gives you access to viewing all happenings within your activity areas. The app makes you the king by giving you access from any location you find yourself.

•   Automatic updates – The app or software updates come automatically. This helps you to be up-to-date with better and improved features

•   Night Vision – With the traditional cameras, night recordings are so dark that you cannot identify the faces in the video. Night Vision brings in a big difference. With Night Vision, you are able to view all videos recorded at night in a clear and crisp manner. Night Vision makes everything come to life.

•    Motion detection – Another important feature is its motion and sound detection capability. The camera is fitted with sensors that are sensitive enough to detect motion or sound. When motion or sound is detected, an alarm goes off and a notification is sent to your phone to notify you of the recent development.


  • Ease of setup – When looking for a good camera, the ease of setup is an important factor. The KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera is easy to set up since it is 100% wire-free.
  • Weatherproof – The KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera is weatherproof. The camera keeps performing whether it rains or it is sunny. Weather is not a factor when you are thinking of what can hamper the functioning of the camera. That makes it completely weatherproof.
  • Tilt/pan/zoom – This is a feature you don’t see in many home security cameras. The KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera can be tilted/panned/zoomed using the mobile app. This can be done remotely.
  • Cloud storage – Cloud storage is a necessity when it comes to safe and secure file storage. Using cloud storage gives you a lot of confidence knowing that your video files won’t get lost or get corrupted by malware or virus. There is also the advantage of accessibility. You can access your files even if you are out of town or country. Cloud storage has a lot of benefits when compared with local storage using a USB drive.
  • Quality video – The camera produces quality videos with 1080p full HD. 1080p full HD means superb video quality that is clean and brilliant.


  • Expensive subscription – Monthly subscription is expensive. This makes many users stay stuck to basic features and denied important features that would help improve security. For instance, cloud storage and live streaming require a monthly subscription. It makes everything really expensive in the long run
  • Poor instructional guide – Poor instructional guide makes DIY difficult. This may force you to go out of your budget to call for the help of a professional installer.
  • No batteries – The KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera cannot be powered using batteries.

The advantage of having an IP camera whether wired or wireless far outweighs that of the analog camera.

Best budgut security camera system

The fact that it runs on a network rather than on DVR, is a clear-cut advantage. The camera can be tilted/panned 360 degrees. KAMTRON Wireless Security IP Camera gives you 24/7 surveillance.


•    Cloud storage – The advantage of cloud storage over local storage cannot be overemphasized. Cloud storage will save you a lot of headache and heartbreak. File security is one huge advantage of cloud storage over local storage. Using a USB drive to back up your video files will fail you one day. But cloud storage is 100% safe.

•    Weatherproof – Your mind is always at peace when you know that your camera can withstand turbulent weather. So, that helps to save you money in the long run because the possibility of replacing a camera each time it rains is eliminated. No matter the harshness of the weather, the camera will continue to function well.

•    720p HD videos – You are sure of quality and clear videos all the time with the 720p HD resolution that produces spectacular videos.

•   View from any device – The camera viewing can be done from any device. You are not limited to mobile viewing alone. You can view your activity areas on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

•  Smart sensors for motion detection – With smart sensors on the camera, motion or sound can be easily detected. Whenever motion is detected, you are informed of the event through mobile alerts. 

 •  Pan/tilt – This is an amazing feature that allows you to pan/tilt the camera remotely.


  • Ease of setup – The camera is easy to set up. This is one great feature of the KAMTRON Wireless Security IP Camera. Everything is up and running in less than 25 minutes.
  • Weatherproof – The fact that the weather cannot harm the camera is a big plus.
  • Device compatibility – You are at liberty to choose which device is suitable for you for the purpose of viewing. You can view from your tablet, laptop, and mobile phone or even from the desktop computer. The choice is yours.
  • 720p HD resolution – You never get blurry pictures with 720p HD resolution. It is clean and clear pictures all the time you make a video recording.
  •     Cloud storage – Cloud storage stands out as a key advantage of file storage. You don’t want to joke with your important video files because of their security implications. This is the more reason why you should go for cloud storage over local storage


  • Expensive subscription – You have to subscribe after the 30-day expiration for cloud storage. The monthly subscription is an expensive service
  • Badly-written installation – The installation is badly written. Making it hard to install the camera on DIY
  • App crashing issues – The mobile app may crash or freeze at some point.

Getting a functional indoor and outdoor home security camera system can be tough. You don’t have to look any further.The Arlo Pro-Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren is the real deal. It is time to overhaul the whole home security architecture.

Best budgut security camera system

The camera delivers high-quality video with its 1080p full HD resolution. It comes with 7-day free cloud storage. Easily access what is happening at home with the mobile app.


•    Smart siren – The Arlo Pro-Wireless Home Security Camera System has a siren that goes off immediately motion or sound is detected within the activity areas

•    2-way audio – The 2-way audio is a nice feature for effective communication. The 2-way audio comes with two advantages – listen and be heard

•    Batteries – The Arlo Pro-Wireless Home Security Camera System runs on batteries if an outlet is not available

•    Local storage – You can have your video files stored on local storage like the USB drive or external hard drive.

•   Weatherproof – Weather does not hamper the functioning of the camera. Whether the weather is hot or cold, the camera keeps doing its job of ensuring 24/7 security.

•   Wire-free installation – The installation is totally 100% wire-free.•    Cloud storage – There is a free 7-day cloud storage


  • Easy and quick setup – Battery-powered camera is easy and quick to set up. The fact that it is also wireless makes it a lot easier to set up.
  • Ease of camera position – Wireless cameras are easy to position in any direction of your choice.
  • Night Vision – Night Vision is a superb advantage. Night Vision affords you the opportunity to watch quality videos that are sharp not minding the time it was recorded at night
  • Weatherproof – No matter how hard the weather hits the camera, it won’t stop it from functioning effectively
  • Cloud storage – Cloud storage is important if you want safe and secure storage of your video files.
  • Motion alert with siren – The siren goes off when motion or sound is detected. You also receive an alert on your phone calling your attention to the motion or sound detected
  • Smart app – The camera has a smart and light app that works effectively for live streaming remotely


  • Bad batteries – The batteries go bad so frequently making you spend extra money for replacements.
  • Delayed recordings – The recording of an event is delayed for some seconds. It means you have missed what happened before the recording started

​If you need an inexpensive camera, Wyze V2 is it. It is a small camera but the features are impressive. It comes in a white matte finish.

It is a nice camera that you can adjust the angle in any direction of your choice. It requires no drilling of walls.

Best budgut security camera system

 All of these means easy installation. The camera is 1080p full HD. Meaning videos will come clean and clear. There is the 2-way audio that ensures 2-way communication with the help of a speaker and microphone. The camera is inexpensive. If you are on a tight budget, this is another best ​budget security camera system that you can go for.


•    Magnetic base – The camera has a magnetic base that makes the mounting of the camera so easy. There is no need for wasting energy drilling the wall. All you need is a metal base and the camera is mounted

•    CMOS sensor – The camera has a CMOS sensor that delivers 1080p full HD videos

•    Motion and sound sensors – The camera uses motion and sound sensors that trigger push notifications to your phone in the form of an alert.

•    Works with Alexa device – The camera works well with an Alexa device for audio control


  • Delayed recordings – The recording of arevent is delayed for some seconds. It means you have missed what happened before the recording started
  • 1080p full HD videos – Videos are always sharp with 1080p full HD
  • Free cloud storage – There is free cloud storage for up to 14 days
    Local storage – There is local storage using a USB drive.
  • Motion tracking – The camera has a motion tracking feature. This squares the object that has been detected.


  • Expensive subscription – You have to subscribe to cloud storage when the free 14-day cloud storage expires. The monthly subscription is a burden apart from being expensive
  • The camera does not integrate directly with other smartphone devices


We have searched well and brought top 10 security camera for you in best budget. Here you will get each range of home protection camera according to your budget.

Here u can also look for best video camera for hunting and ​best selfie camera.

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